Torolly Leased®

Owning a vehicle isn't for everyone. Regular maintenance and upkeep can be a drag and cause unexpected costs. That's why Toro offers vehicle leasing! While there are many benefits of leasing, by far the most popular is having a fixed payments that covers usage and maintenance. One fixed monthly payment and no stress. What could be better?!

Never heard of leasing a used car? Not surprising. Toro is a pioneer! We’re paving the way to offer you a distinctly different way to use a vehicle. No maintenance, a fixed affordable payment, and no hidden fees! Sounds too good to be true? It’s not, it’s Torolly Leased® in action! Below are a list of requirements & benefits of Torolly Leased®:


  • complete credit app

  • driver’s license/government id

  • copy of check stubs (2 months)

  • copy of rental/mortgage payment (2 months)

  • copy of utility bills (2 months)

  • comprehensive insurance (toro as lienholder)


  • one predictable, fixed payment for usage and maintenance

  • change vehicle, in same class, every 12 months for free

  • 200-pt certified inspected vehicles

  • discounts on torolly rented vehicles

  • free loaners if your vehicle has recalls or needs major servicing