Toro Automotive: Supporting Laredo's Future

At Toro Automotive, we're committed to fostering opportunities for Laredo Youth. To do our part, we offer $1001 a month to 2 different extracurricular clubs at Laredo and United ISDS. Extracurricular activities help students not just survive, but thrive and augment important classroom skills.

Put your name in the hat

Are you a member or a parent involved with a K-12 group in the Laredo area? Toro Automotive invites you to join our journey in making a difference. Each month, we hold a random drawing to donate $1001 to a local after-school club, sports group, or extracurricular activity.
To participate, simply send us a message on Facebook with details about your group. Let's work together to ensure that our community's future leaders have all the support they need to thrive.

Together, we grow

Our commitment to community outreach reflects our belief in progress. By supporting local programs, we're investing in Laredo's future. it's about nurturing potential in each child and contributing to our collective growth.