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Oil changes

It may sound simplistic, but oil changes are the most important regular service that your vehicle requires!

Toro oil changeStandard oil change with Mobil Special 5000-mile oil. Price includes 5 quarts and 1 standard filter. $29.95+tax
Extra quart oilCharge for each additional quart of Mobil Special 5000-mile oil required.$3.99+tax
Toro synthetic oil changeOur standard oil change with Mobil 1 synthetic oil. Price includes 5 quarts and 1 premium filter.$54.95+tax
Extra quart synthetic oilCharge for each additional quart of Mobil 1 synthetic oil required.$11.99+tax


 Vehicles that are out of alignment use more gas. But more than that, they're dangerous! Stop in for an alignment today for a smoother ride and increased fuel efficiency, and ultimately you’ll keep your family safe!

Alignment check99.5% accuracy reportingFREE
AlignmentStandard 2-wheel alignment$59.95
Alignment (4-wheel)Standard alignment for 4x4 or AWD vehicle$74.95


With the safety of you - and your family - at stake, don't skimp on a brake job. Good suspension and brakes not only keep your ride feeling smooth, they keep your vehicle firmly planted on the road!

Brake jobStandard brake job (labor only)Starting @ $119.99
Standard brake padsSemi-metallic brake pads. These are the most common type of brakes sold.From $24.99+tax
Ceramic brake padsPremium ceramic brake pads offer better stopping, reduced brake dust, and perform better at higher temperatures.From $39.99+tax
Rotor resurfacing Resurfacing of slightly worn/uneven rotor. (Cars, small trucks only).$10.99/ea.
Rotor resurfacingResurfacing of slightly worn/uneven rotor. (SUVs, Trucks/Vans).$19.99/ea.
Front suspensionFront suspension repair/replacement (labor only). $69.99/hr
Full suspensionFull suspension repair/replacement (labor only). $69.99/hr
Gas shocksStandard gas replacement shocks replacement part.From $39.99+tax
Premium shocksPremium ride shocks replacement part.From$49.99+tax
StrutsVehicle struts replacement part.From$129.99+tax

Additional Services

Did you know that Toro handles all of your vehicles' maintenance needs? Below are some of the automotive maintenance services we offer:

Hourly labor chargeDiscounts for gov’t employees, teachers, PD/Fire, Military, and Toro vehicle owners$74.95
On-board diagnosticsOur technicians will view and evaluate the codes that have been stored in the on-board computer$59.95
A/C systemRecover & recharge$79.95