Tire Center

Goodyear/Dunlop/Kelly dealership

Toro is your home for Goodyear/Dunlop/Kelly tires! As part of the 3,000-member-strong Goodyear tire dealership network, Toro offers the high quality tires and service you’ve come to expect from Goodyear.

Certified pre-owned tires

Sometimes there’s no room in the budget for that $1,000 set of Tier 1 tires. That’s why Toro is proudly makes available our Torolly Certified® pre-owned tires.

ColorGuaranteed min. tread depth*Est. riding miles**Price***
4/326,000 – 12,000$15
5/327,500 – 15,000$20
6/329,000 – 18,000$25
7/3210,500 – 21,000$30
8/3212,000 – 24,000$35
9/3213,500 – 27,000$40

* Tread depth is to be taken from a minimum of 4 alternate points by a trained Toro Automotive staff member.

** Estimated riding miles are based on industry available information. Toro makes no guarantee, implicitly or otherwise, that stated mileage of tire will be achieved.



Worn tires reduce fuel efficiency, cause additional wear & tear, and ultimately make your vehicle unsafe, and one of the fastest ways to wear a tire out is not balancing it properly.

Everything is riding on your tires, so don't take a chance, stop by Toro today for a tire balance & rotation!

Balance 14”- 17”Wheel balance 14”-17” rims$6.95/tire
Balance 18”Wheel balance 18” rims$7.95/tire
Balance 19”Wheel balance 19” rims$8.95/tire
Balance 20”Wheel balance 20” rims$9.95/tire
Balance 22”Wheel balance 22” rims$11.95/tire
Balance 24”Wheel balance 24” rims$13.95/tire
Balance low profileLow profile wheels, add $1.00 to balance amount$2.00/tire
Rotate 14”- 17”Rotation 14”-17” rims$8.95/tire
Rotate 18”Rotation 18” rims$9.95/tire
Rotate 19”Rotation 19” rims$10.95/tire
Rotate 20”Rotation 20” rims$11.95/tire
Rotate 22”Rotation 22” rims$13.95/tire
Rotate 24”Rotation 24” rims$15.95/tire

Tire repair

At one point or another you’ve probably experienced a flat tire. It’s a terrible situation, and we all stress over how much it’s going to cost to replace it! Luckily, not every situation calls for a new tire. Many times our trained tire technicians can repair your flat rather than replace it!

Flat tire repairRepair punctured tire$5.99/patch*
Mount/dismountRemove & replace tire on vehicle. Rim sizes 15”-17”. Includes tire balance.$5.99/tire
Remove & replaceRemove & replace tire on vehicle. Rim sizes 18”-20”. Includes tire balance.$7.99/tire
Remove & replaceRemove & replace tire on vehicle. Rim sizes 22”-24”. Includes tire balance.$9.99/tire
Low profile chargeExtra charge for low profile size tires 15-20”. $1.00/tire
Low profile chargeExtra charge for low profile size tires 22”-24” $2.00/tire

Roadside assistance

Whether you need some gas, a quick jump, or someone to change a flat tire, Toro has you covered with Toro Roadside Assistance! While there are other repair centers out there, there’s only one with a Torolly Satisfied®  guarantee!

Dispatch feeToro roadside assistance dispatch fee.$25.00
Add. Mileage feeMileage fee outside Toro 5-mi service area.$2.00/mile
Emergency jumpEmergency vehicle jump (standard batt. locations only)FREE
Emergency fuel*Those extra gallons you need to get to the next station. Market
Spare tire changeRemoval of bad/torn/blowout tire and placement of spare.$19.95/tire
Emergency tow**In-town (within Loop 20) tow fee.$69.95
Emergency tow**Out-of-town town (outside Loop 20) tow fee.$99.95+mileage
Tow extra mile feeOut-of-town town tow mileage fee (Outside Loop 20 only)$3.00/mile
Emergency oil change***Emergency roadside standard oil change. $34.95+tax
Emergency extra oil quartCharge for each additional quart of Mobil Special 5000-mile oil required.$5.95+tax

*Toro passes all gasoline costs to customer at market rates and will provide copy of gasoline receipt to customer at time of service.

**Toro uses pre-screened third part service providers for emergency towing. Use of third party providers allows Toro to dramatically reduce wait times for towing service.

***Applies to domestic standard oil changes (5 quarts and filter) oil changes featuring Toro “house” oil. Current oil used is Mobil Special Motor Oil. Oil may be substituted without advance notice at Toro’s discretion. Customer is responsible for paying any and all differences in price for substitutions or quantities in excess of 5 quarts of oil featuring Toro’s “house” oil. Toro reserves the right to substitute oil brands without advance notice to customers.