Detailing Center

Chemical Guys

Toro is proud to exclusively utilize Chemical Guys for detailing needs, and we’re your local source for all things Chemical Guys! Toro offers the same pricing as Chemical Guys, and have all of their products available online here!

Below you will find a complete list of our detailing services and prices:

Toro basic wash
  • Exterior wash
  • Interior vacuum
Toro basic detail
  • Exterior wash
  • Interior vacuum
  • Basic interior detail
Toro wash & wax
  • Exterior wash
  • Interior vacuum
  • Basic interior detail
    • Add leather restoration $99.95
  • Exterior wax
    • Add premium sealer for $99.95 (up-to 6-mos. protection)
Torolly Clean™
  • Exterior wash
  • Interior vacuum
  • Interior detail
  • Exterior detail
  • Exterior wax & seal
    • Add paint oxidation removal for $99.95
    • Add scratch & swirl removal for $199.95
  • Tire cleaning
Torolly Clear™ Regular sized headlamp restoration. Most cars and SUVs fall into this category.$19.95/lampYes
Torolly Clear™ XLXL headlamp restoration. Most trucks and new premium vehicles fall into this category.$24.95/lampYes
Torolly Clear™ JumboOversized headlamp restoration. Most ¾ ton trucks, buses, and utility vehicles fall into this category.$32.95/lampYes