Torolly Certified®

Toro technicians spend 10 days on average inspecting, repairing, and verifying that your vehicle is in top automotive condition. Technicians work to get your vehicle in the best possible shape with Toro’s proprietary 200-point inspection. We can’t guarantee you won’t have a problem with your vehicle, but we guarantee we’ll never stop working to ensure you’re Torolly Satisfied®!

Below are some of the major systems technicians inspect for defects during Toro’s 200-point inspection:

  • Engine

    Cylinder block and all internal lubricated parts, including: turbo, crank/camshaft, valves, lifters, heads, timing chain, manifolds, sensors, and more.

  • Transmission

    Case and all lubricated parts, including: drive housings and internal drive house parts, bushings, axel shafts, chain & sprocket, and more.

  • Steering

    Housing/case and all lubricated parts, including: rack & pinion, tie rods, idler/pitman arms, power steering pump, reservoir, and more.

  • Suspension

    Coils/leaf springs, struts, control arms, shocks, tension rods, ball joints, seals & gaskets, and more.

  • Brakes

    Rotors/drums, pads/shoes, wheel cylinders, calipers, clips & retainers, seals & gaskets, and more.

  • Electrical

    Alternator, starter, distributor & cap, fuses, relays, harnesses, both mechanically and manually actuated switches, and more.

  • Cooling system

    Thermostat & housing, radiator cap, shroud, tank, coolant, temperature sensors, and more.

  • Air conditioning

    Relay, control, condenser, evaporator, orifice tube, sensors, clutch & pulley, drier, blower, O-rings, seals & gaskets, and more.

  • Electronics

    Instrument displays, electronic rear view mirrors, keyless entry systems, electronic fuel pump, ignition module, locks, alarm units, ECM, and more.

  • Interior

    Safety belts, safety belts control unit, assembly, upholstery, trim, and more.

  • Exterior

    Trim, body panels, structure inspection, glass, seals, and more.