Torolly Certified®

Toro technicians spend on average 10-days inspecting, repairing, and verifying that your vehicle is in top automotive condition. Technicians work to uncover problems with your vehicle through Toro’s proprietary 200-point inspection. We can’t guarantee you won’t have a problem with your vehicle, but we guarantee we’ll never stop working to ensure you’re Torolly Satisfied®!

Below are some of the major systems technicians inspect for defects during Toro’s 200-point inspection:

  • Engine

    Cylinder block, and all internal lubricated parts, including; turbo, crank/camshaft, valves, lifters, heads, timing chain, manifolds, sensors, and more.

  • Transmission

    Case and all lubricated parts, including; drive housings and all internal drive house parts, bushings, axel shafts, chain & sprocket, and more.

  • Steering

    Housing/case and all lubricated parts including; rack & pinion, tie rods, idler/pitman arms, powering steering pump, reservoir, and more.

  • Suspension

    Coils/leaf springs, struts, control arms, shocks, tension rods, ball joints, seals and gaskets, and more.

  • Brakes

    Rotors/drums, pads/shoes, wheel cylinders, calipers, clips & retainers, seals & gaskets, and more.

  • Electrical

    Alternator, starter, distributor & cap, fuses, relays, harnesses, and both mechanically, and manually, actuated switches, and more.

  • Cooling system

    Thermostat & housing, radiator cap, shroud, tank, coolant, temperature sensors, and more.

  • Air conditioning

    Relay, control, condenser, evaporator, orifice tube, sensors, clutch & pulley, drier, blower, O-rings, seals & gaskets, and more.

  • Electronics

    Instrument displays, electronic rear view mirrors, keyless entry systems, electronic fuel pump, ignition module, locks, alarm units, ECM, and more.

  • Interior

    Safety belts, safety belts control unit, assembly, upholstery, trim, and more.

  • Exterior

    Trims, body panels, structure inspection, glass, seals, and more.